By Saratoga Beer and Wine Manager  •  Monday, April 20th, 2015

Bleecker Red

The Fabulous Bleecker Buys

Bleecker California Chardonnay (Robert Parker 85)
Bleecker California Red (Robert Parker 86)

This duo comes to us from Polaner Selections, a wine importer that also produces its own custom label, Wyatt. In fact, it was a “happy accident” that inspired the production of Bleecker Chardonnay when two Wyatt vintages mistakenly got mixed together. The result is a non-vintage, 100% Chardonnay that drinks like a wine twice its price. The California Red blend is a similarly impressive bargain that is soft and smooth, though its varietals are some of the boldest grapes (Syrah, Petite Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Zinfandel).

The Chardonnay is a lovely golden straw color with a tangy, lightly fruity aroma. Its light-medium body coats the glass nicely and feels smooth on the palate. There is a touch of apple and citrus, a hint of oak, and enough butter to keep the wine from being too fruity or overly crisp. It struck me as a great alternative for those who don’t like very oaky Chards, but who don’t want something completely unoaked. I was thrilled with the flavor and the mouth-feel from such an inexpensive wine. This white pairs well with hard cheeses in particular, chicken, shellfish, and green salads.

Bleecker White


I first tried the red blend at one of our in-store tastings, and although I had been leery of the quality of a $7.99 bottle of wine, my first sip inspired a double-take. I was shocked by how smooth it was, without any of the off-putting sharpness that inexpensive reds can sometimes present. It has a mildly acid finish that balances the bold dark berry fruitiness. In the glass the wine is very deep red, with a medium-full body and a hint of spice in the aroma. On the palate it demonstrates very mild oak and softer tannins that keep the fruit from being too sweet or overpowering. It pairs well with a wide range of food including burgers, BBQ, pizza, pasta, and any red meat. I tasted it with a variety of cheeses, and found that its best complements were semi-soft goat cheese, gorgonzola, and parmesan. It would also hold up nicely to charcuterie, and in particular, cured meats.

I am always delighted to find inexpensive wine that is delicious, balanced, and versatile. Bleecker is a great buy that demonstrates all of those qualities in both wines. Serve it as your everyday table wine or as a party wine that will appeal to a wide variety of tastes.

-Jes, Divine Wines


The Coupon Diva: Healthy Living Market Coupon Matchups

By Richie Snyder  •  Thursday, April 16th, 2015

Healthy Living Market is your one stop shop for natural and healthy foods. Along with everyday low prices, Healthy Living Market offers great sales AND accepts coupons which means super saving for customers! Below are this months coupon matchups:

Ways to save:

  • $5/$25 Healthy Living Market printable coupon
  • $10/$50 at Healthy Living Market can be found in the March-April issue of Clipper Magazine
  • Shop Healthy Living Market’s weekly featured sales and BAM sales (best of the month) and weekly
  • Follow them on facebook to be the first to know about special 3 days sales, events, cooking classes, demonstrations and more.
  • Senior Citizens (over 65) and all Military Personnel currently serving our Nation receive a 5% discount

In ad coupons (may be combined with manufacturer coupons):

$1 off Napa Valley EVOO 25.4 fl. oz.

$1 off Nature’s Path Organic Cereal Heritage Flakes and Mesa Sunrise

$1/1 Zukay Kvass Probiotic Drink

$0.50/1 Tandor Chef Frozen Entrees

$1/1 Seventh Generation 4X Concentrate Laundry Detergent: F&C or Geranium Vanilla, combine with $2.00 off Seventh Generation Laundry Detergent = $3 off


Back To Nature Crackers 4-8.5 oz. – $3
= $2 (reg $3.79)

Back To Nature OG Saltine Crackers – $3.50
= $2.50

Barbara’s Puffins Cereal 10-11 oz. – $3.99
= $2.99

Kettle Chips 4 oz. – $2.29
$1/2 – clip coupon then sign up coupon will come to your email, check junk mail folder)
= $1.79 each

Crunchmaster Crackers 4-4.5 oz. – $2.49
SAVE $1.50 Off any two (2) bags or boxes of Crunchmaster crackers or chips
$1/1 (sign up)
= as low as $1.49 (reg $3.49)

Food Should Taste Good Pita Puffs 4 oz. – $2
= $1 (reg $2.99)

Glee Gum 16 ct., assorted varieties, including sugar free – $0.89
$0.50/1 Sugar Free
= $0.39 for sugar free varieties w/ $0.50/1 (reg $1.19)

Glutino Instant Pancake Mix – $3.50
$1/1 Printable
= $2.50

Imagine Enriched Vanilla Ricemilk or OG Enriched Original Milk 32 fl. oz. – $2.79
$1/1 Printable
= $1.79

Newman’s Own Light Italian Dressing or Lite or Regular Balsamic Dressing – $3.49
$0.75/1 from 4/12 RP coupon insert
Save 75¢ on any ONE (1) Newman’s Own® Salad Dressing
= $2.74

Pamela’s GF Peanut Butter or Chocolate Chips Cookies 7.25 oz. – $3.29
= $2.29

Pirate’s Mild Cheddar Mac & Cheese – $1.67
= $0.92

Pirate’s Booty Puffs 4.4.5 oz. – $2.29
= $1.54

Plum Organics Baby Food Pouches 4 oz. – $1.50
B1G1 pouches
= as low as $0.75 each
(reg $2.19-$2.49)

Seeds of Change OG Quinoa & Brown Rice 8.5 oz. – $2.99
= as low as $1.49

Seeds of Change Simmer  Sauces 12 oz. – $3.49
= $2.74
(reg $4.49)

Soy Vay Dressings – $3.49
= $2.49

Tasty Bite Rices 8.8 oz., assorted varieties – $1.79
$1/1, $1.25 or $2/1 (“boost” the coupon to $2/1) per website
= as low as FREE w/ $2/1 or only $0.25 w/ $1.25/1

Tasty Bite Vegetables 10 oz., assorted varieties – $2.79
$1/1, $1.25 or $2/1 (“boost” the coupon to $2/1) per website
= as low as $0.79 (reg $3.49)


Kevita Cleanse Probiotic or Probiotic Drinks, or Kombucha, assorted flavors, 15.2 fl. oz. – $1.79
= $0.79
(reg $2.99)

Kevita Kombucha, assorted flavors, 15.2 fl. oz. – $2
= $1

Mama Chia 10 oz. beverages – $2.50
= $2 each (reg $3.49-$3.99)

Melt Organic Rick & Creamery Spread – $3.29
$2/1 Printable
$2/1 (sign up, coupon comes to your email)
= $1.29 (reg $3.99)

Nasoya Won Ton Wrappers or Egg Rolls – $2
$0.75/1  Nasoya (labeled as Vitasoy)
= $1.25

Nasoya OG Togu 12-14 oz. – $1.99
$0.75/1  Nasoya (labeled as Vitasoy)
= $1.24

Noosa Yogurt, assorted varieties 8 oz. – $2
= $1.45


Beyond Meat Crumbles 11 oz. – $3.69
$1/1 Printable
= $2.69

Beyond Meat Chicken Strips 9 oz. – $3.69, 12 oz. – $4.69
$1/1 Printable
= $3.49

Dominex Eggplant Burgers, Cutlets or Meatballs 10-16 oz. $3.49
= $1.99 (reg $3.99)

Praegger’s Pancake Little GF, assorted varieties 12 oz. – $3.50
$1/1 Printable
= $2.50 (reg $5.39)

Praegger’s Fishies including GF or Fish Sticks 12-13 oz. – $4.49
$1/1 Printable
= $3.49

Earthbound Farm OG Mango Chunks, Blueberries or Strawberries 10 oz. – $3.49
= $2.99 each

EVOL Enchilada, Fire Grilled Steak or Bean & Cheese Enchilada Bowls 9 oz. – $3.49
= $1.99 (reg $4.79)

Glutenfreeda GF Chicken Pocket Sandwich 4.5 oz. – $3.50
= as low as $2 (reg $4.39)

So Delicious Ice Cream 1 pint, varies flavors – $4.99
Save $1.00 Any ONE (1) So Delicious® Dairy Free Product
= $3.99

Tofurky Giblit Garvy – 14 oz.- $3.50
$0.75/1 Printable
= $2.75

Udi’s Gluten Free Muffins 12 oz. $4.99
= $3.99

Van’s Waffles, including GF or French Toast Sticks – $2.69
sign up HERE for Van’s newsletter to receive future coupons


Bio-Kleen F&C Laundry Detergent  64 fl. oz. – $12.69
$1/1, $1.25 or $2/1 (“boost” the coupon to $2/1) per website
= as low as $10.69

Bio-Kleen Grapefruit & Orange Laundry Liquid 64 fl. oz. – $11.19
$1/1, $1.25 or $2/1 (“boost” the coupon to $2/1) per website
= as low as $9.19 (reg $13.99)

Bio-Kleen Bac Out Floor Cleaner 32 fl. oz. – $6.89
$1/1, $1.25 or $2/1 (“boost” the coupon to $2/1) per website
= as low as $4.89 (reg $8.29)

Bio-Kleen Bac Out Bathroom Spray 32 fl. oz. – $6.99
= as low as $4.99 (reg $8.29)



Citizen Cider in NY now?

By Saratoga Beer and Wine Manager  •  Thursday, April 9th, 2015

Citizen Cider 1

Yep! We said it, it’s finally here! Citizen Cider in New York! On Monday we received our very first batch of Citizen Cider in cans, both Unified Press (their flagship) and their Ginger, Dirty Mayor. All cider is made from 100% locally sourced apples, naturally gluten-free. Both Unified Press and Dirty Mayor are off-dry, clean, crisp, and most importantly of all, refreshing, which keeps you coming back for one more sip. Dirty Mayor Cans- $13.99, Unified Press Cans- $11.99.




Steadfast Oatmeal has landed!

By Saratoga Beer and Wine Manager  •  Thursday, April 9th, 2015

Steadfast Oatmeal

Stout season over with? Not quite, not with the arrival of Steadfast Oatmeal Cream Stout! The best part? GLUTEN FREE. Yes, we said it. In order to create a Gluten Free Beer, they had to specially source their certified GF Oats and manufacture a large-scale roasted to make that happen. We’re so excited to offer our Gluten Free guests something much more than the usual GF options. Not sure how you feel about a Gluten Free Oatmeal Stout? Come in on April 25th to try some! Jeremy Hosier, co-owner, will be here at Healthy Living from 12pm-4pm demoing his Gluten Free Oatmeal Stout! This delicious, full-bodied stout is not anything to miss out on! Once this shipment of the stout is gone, we will be out of stock until the next batch is brewed! A four pack of Steadfast Gluten Free Oatmeal Stout is $10.99/four pack. Enjoy!





Second Electric Car Charging Station

By Katy Kent  •  Thursday, April 9th, 2015


Three years ago we installed an electric car charging station in our parking lot, and have since had a great response. So great that we’ve once again teamed up with Green Mountain Power and have installed a second electric car charging station! Our commitment to the environment has always been at the core of our business, and we are so happy to offer this to our guests.

“Since establishing the program for our electric vehicle guests three years ago, we have seen a growing need to increase our stations as more and more Vermonters make the switch to electric cars. As the program has gained popularity, we have seen people waiting in line in our parking lot to get a charge,” said Eli Lesser-Goldsmith, our Co-Owner and New Store Development. “We are very excited to team up with Green Mountain Power again to double the capacity of our charger. They are a great partner for us as we are both committed to renewable, alternative energy and clearly our guests are as well.”

“We are so pleased to offer more charging opportunities for Vermonters,” said GMP Spokesperson Kristin Carlson. “Partnering with businesses like Health Living, our goal is to help Vermonters save money and reduce fossil fuel use, while also helping to increase Vermont’s energy independence and contribute to healthier air and lower carbon emissions.”



Get a Boost from this Peruvian Root

By Katy Kent  •  Thursday, April 9th, 2015

Maca is a nutrient and vitamin-rich root that’s been used by the indigenous peoples of Peru for centuries. Its benefits range from boosting energy to hormonal balance. We carry Maca in capsule form and a whole food powder that can be added to smothies, juices or protein shakes.

maca 2


Front End Fundraiser for April 2015: Creative Kidz Cafe

By Richie Snyder  •  Monday, April 6th, 2015

In honor of National Autism Awareness Month, we are proud to have Creative Kidz Cafe as our April 2015 Front End Fundraiser. This organization is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to support the growing community of children with Autism or other special needs and their families. Creative Kidz Café wishes to engage and inspire creative expression of children on the spectrum through art, craft, yoga, music and movement in a safe environment. They offer a space where our children can truly be themselves and be the fullest expression of who they are. They also offer integrative therapeutic approaches which are rooted in a play relationship between children and practitioner. Creative Kidz Cafe advocates for the creation of a community of families who support each other through the sharing of information, resources and skills. All of the proceeds raised in April at Healthy Living Market and Cafe will go directly to Creative Kidz Cafe.


Information from their website:

Expression though art, craft, yoga, music and movement. We understand the challenges that children on the spectrum face every day; however we also understand that these children also have unique talents which are waiting to be teased into expression. Communication through language and other conventional methods may not come naturally to children on the spectrum. Art, craft, music and movement allows our children to express their incredible talents and bridge the gaps to more conventional communication strategies. We specialize in the art of “play” in order to encourage the creative expression of our children. Our programs, play and therapies are all about FUN. All activities at the Creative Kidz Café are meant to elicit joy from the children. Using Dr. Greenspans DIR/Floortime play model, children are not forced into situations based on expectations, they are met at their interests with the intent to enter into a two way relationship.

Integrative therapeutic approaches

We have developed in our board of directors, and through partnerships, a variety of integrative therapeutic approaches. Though there are many traditional therapeutic option available, integrative therapeutic approaches are not always readily available. We aspire to fill this need and play a small part in providing options to parents who are putting together customized therapeutic programs for their children.


A safe environment

All facilities which we will provide programs, therapies, events and entertainment will be free of chemicals. We recognize the effects cleaning agents have on our children and will always put priority on the safety of our children. We will always provide a warm and nurturing environment. All therapeutic approaches will be based on play, positive encouragement and a two way communication between child and adult. We recognize the need for a back and forth communication with our special children, we also have much to learn from them.

Building a community

We believe that our families should support each other. We would like to act as a centrally organizing infrastructure which allows families to interact and share ideas and resources. We all have the same goal, to provide a healthy and happy future for our children and families. Families on the spectrum are stretched financially, emotionally, for resources, time, and everything in between. Together we can stand in strength and abundance, sharing and helping each other in an atmosphere built on compassion.

For more information about Creative Kidz Cafe or their programming visit their website!


Rosé Season

By Wine Manager  •  Saturday, April 4th, 2015

Melting snow, longer days, and warmer temperatures mean one thing- it is officially rosé season!  Although we enjoy drinking rosé all year, the warmer months are when we can’t get enough of it.  Our love of rosé will be obvious as our shelves start to fill with more and more in the coming weeks and months.  We are already starting to see some of the first rosé from the 2014 vintage, and we love them.

Giorgio Rivetti at La Spinetta Winery makes some of our favorite Italian wines, and his rosé is no exception.  The wine is a blend of 50% Sangiovese and 50% Prugnolo Gentile (a clone of Sangiovese grown in the town of Montepulciano).  The vineyard soil is sandy with oceanic sediments, and is farmed sustainably with no use of herbicides or pesticides.  The juice only spends one hour on the skins, is fermented with ambient yeast and aged three months on the lees in stainless steel vats.  In the glass the wine is salmon pink with orange reflections.  The expressive bouquet shows wilted flowers, red berries, lime and sage.  The palate shows notes of tart cherries, pomegranate, honeysuckle, and a defined minerality.  This wine is an ideal companion to herb and citrus marinated grilled chicken, halibut with lemon butter, and fennel blood orange salads.














Chateau D’Or et de Gueules are true stewards of the land.  Their vineyards in the Costières de Nimes have recently been certified organic.  They generate their own energy from solar power, make their own compost, and use recycled packaging material.  Their Les Cimels rosé is a fantastic expression of Southern Rhone rosé.  Direct press juice from Cinsault, Mourvedre, and Grenache is fermented separately at low temperatures and blended.  The wine is fresh and vibrant, displaying citrus, herbs, and flowers on the nose.  The palate offers notes of wild strawberries, citrus zest, and subtle spice.  Serve this delicious rosé the next time you grill fresh snapper or mahi mahi.  It also pairs wonderfully with paella.











We have become fans of Michel Chapoutier’s Bila-Haut wines, which hail from the Roussillion region of Southern France.  Determined to make wines that are in harmony with the surrounding land and expressive of the terroir from which they come, Michel Chapoutier has adopted biodynamic farming techniques.  Old vines (40+ years old), low yields and meticulously managed vineyards ensure the fruit will be of the highest quality.  This wine is comprised of Cinsault and Grenache, grown in the Rousillion region of Southern France.  The Cinsault provides red fruit flavors and gentle floral notes, while the Grenache imparts crisp minerality and traces of citrus on the finish.  Dry, medium-bodied, and refreshing this wine delivers everything you want from French rosé.  Pair with caprese salads, Gruyere and ham panini, or barbecued chicken.

bila haut













Domaine Begude is a small family-owned property located high in the foothills of the Pyrenees in the Limoux region of the Languedoc. The wine is made from organically certified Pinot Noir grown in clay and limestone soils.  The long, cool growing season lends itself perfectly to the production of crisp and delicate wines. Pale pink in color, this rosé offers a medley of fresh strawberry and cherry aromas and flavors, with notes of watermelon and cranberry. Served chilled, this makes a refreshing aperitif and is delicious with grilled salmon as well as a variety of picnic fare.














Explore our wine department and ask our knowledgeable staff to help you find the perfect bottle of rosé for palate and budget.



Building a Fit Lifestyle

By Katy Kent  •  Friday, April 3rd, 2015


Do you have some health goals in mind, but are feeling overwhelmed with where to start? Here’s a hint… start small. Change is not an easy thing, especially when it comes to changing certain eating and lifestyle behaviors that have been habits for years and years. Starting small can help to keep things manageable and realistically achievable. Stick to one goal at a time and focus on achieving that before moving onto others. If you try to do too much at once, it can become very overwhelming and incredibly difficult. And what happens when you fail to achieve something? You feel down, critical of yourself, unmotivated and a whole mix of other unhelpful emotions! On the other hand, achieving tasks- no matter how small- can make you feel awesome, it can boost confidence and increases motivation to keep on making changes. I just think about the satisfaction I feel on a daily basis from crossing things off of my to-do list! That being said, be sure to write your goal down. Not only will it be so satisfying to cross that goal off of your list, but also it will also serve as a tool to hold you accountable.

Here are some ideas on how to start the change process…

  •  Use smaller plates and bowls to help manage portion control. Place the ‘large’ dinner plates on the top shelf, and instead opt for the smaller salad plate for meals.
  • Aim for a 10 minute walk each day. Put this in your calendar and treat it like a business meeting- something you cannot miss! Work on incorporating more activity throughout the day for longer periods of time.
  • Wait 20 minutes before going back for seconds… it takes this long for your body to recognize fullness cues! If 20 minutes is too long to start off, begin with 10 minutes and work up from there.
  • Put everything you eat on a plate or in a bowl. Avoid mindless eating out of the bag or container.
  • Swap one ‘unhealthy’ snack for a fresh piece of fruit once or more times a day.

Looking to learn more about building a fit and healthy lifestyle? Join Healthy Living Nutritionist, Victoria Bruner, MS, RD, and Physical Therapist, Sue Dodge, MS, PT, for a FREE learn by tasting grocery store tour! Wednesday, April 8th from 5:00 – 6:30 PM. Come with questions and an appetite! Sign up HERE!


Fair Trade Bananas: Why Are They So Important?

By Katy Kent  •  Wednesday, April 1st, 2015

Healthy Living Market is proud to carry organic Fair Trade bananas. About half of our Fair Trade bananas are sourced from Albert’s Organics, a company which has committed to procuring them from farms and co-ops in Ecuador. The funds generated by purchases of Albert’s Organics Fair Trade fruits and vegetables, like these bananas, are helping to raise the standard of living for farmers and workers through community development projects that support educational opportunities for children, access to medical care, and trainings and workshops to teach growers critical skills. In 2013, Fair Trade premiums from bananas alone amounted to $67,000 for such incredible projects!!


Isn’t that amazing? Every time you purchase our Fair Trade bananas, you’re improving the lives of farming families and communities in Ecuador, (and of course getting a tasty, nutritious snack at the same time)! Here are some examples of your banana-buying dollars at work…

Union Regional de Organizaciones Campesinas del Litoral (UROCAL)
UROCAL is a “co-op of co-ops” located in Machala, Ecuador in the banana-producing southwestern region Ecuador called of El Oro. It consists of 10 separate cooperatives, with approximately 600 total producers, and provides various services to support small banana and cacao producers.

What are the Producers’ Greatest Needs? Educational support, especially for younger children, health care and emergency medical services in the rural communities where many producers live, as well as improvements in productivity and increased knowledge of organic production.

What is the Fair Trade Impact? Fair Trade funds continue to support scholarships for children of member producers, with a focus on primary- and secondary-level students. Additionally, workshops are being offered to members on topics like certification and marketing. After voting last year to use Fair Trade funds to improve medical care, a variety of medical services are now provided to producers and their families, including vouchers to cover health care costs, first aid kits, and trainings on health topics. Producers also receive trainings on sustainable fertilizer use, organic production, water use, and other conservation practices!

$24,000 in premiums generated for UROCAL from Albert’s Organics purchases!

Asociacion Regional de Pequeños Productores Bananeros Cerro Azul
Cerro Azul is located in Pasaje, Ecuador, which is also located in Ecuador’s El Oro region. It consists of 147 producers who have been working together since the co-op was founded in 2002.

What are the Producers’ Greatest Needs? Increased agricultural productivity including the materials and expertise needed to make it happen, improved local roads to help transport the banana harvest, repairs to local schools, and increased access to affordable health care.

What is the Fair Trade Impact? To boost productivity, all 147 members of Cerro Azul attended technical assistance workshops and received fertilizer and other important supplies. A major road repair project was completed, which will help both producers and the greater community. Premiums also funded much-needed repairs for a school in the community. And finally, thanks Fair Trade funds earned from all coop sales, all members and employees of Cerro Azul now have access to doctors, dentists, and vision care providers!

$24,000 in premiums generated for Cerro Azul from Albert’s Organics purchases!


Tropical Agro
Tropical Agro is located in Valencia in Ecuador’s southwestern province of Los Rios. It’s an organic banana farm consisting of 29 workers and was founded in 2001, achieving organic certification in 2012. It began selling to Albert’s Organics in 2013.

What are the Producers’ Greatest Needs? Increased access to public services like healthcare and emergency medical assistance which is limited due to the remote area of the farms, as well as assistance funding minor home repairs and affording basic home appliances.

What is the Fair Trade Impact? An ongoing worker health and safety training program has been established, which includes first aid training for workers and families – a safety necessity in this remote community where emergency medical care is not close at hand. A micro-loan program has also been established to help workers make home improvements and purchase basic home appliances like refrigerators – significant quality-of-life improvements which would be out of reach if workers had to face the high interest rates and collateral required for traditional bank loans.

$18,960 in premiums generated for Tropical Agro from Albert’s Organics purchases!

Supporting human rights while nourishing yourself and your family simply couldn’t be easier and each banana truly makes a difference. Stop by our Produce Department today and do some good today!