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AM Baker (Full-Time)


Visually stunning and mouthwateringly delicious, the pastries and baked goods that come from our bakeshop are the cherry on top of our amazing café. We are looking for someone to fulfill this delectable role as our AM Baker! The AM Baker is responsible for the timely and efficient production of product for the AM bakery case, as well as for finishing product for the cold case, and ensures that it is beautifully displayed by the morning deadline. The AM Baker is also responsible for making sure the necessary dough’s and batters are prepared for the following AM Bake shift.

The excellent AM Baker is the master behind the magic. He/she creates all the phenomenal baked goods that tempt the palates of customers who rise early and wait outside our doors for these scrumptious morning treats. The AM Baker takes the utmost care when making his/her bakery creations, meticulously preparing each cookie, muffin, scone, quick bread, brownie and bar as if it were for his/her own family. The AM Baker makes sure the bakery case is clean as a whistle, stocked to the brim and visually appealing every morning on or before the deadline. The AM Baker is also responsible for preparing all the mise en plas and prep for the following day’s bake to ensure that the morning deadlines are met and our early bird customers get what they had been dreaming of since the night before. The AM Baker is also the master behind the finishing and garnishing work for the cold case. Our tarts, cakes, cupcakes, and custards are finished off to dazzle the eye and customers stop to admire their beauty. The AM Baker knows that we eat with our eyes first and so ensuring that our cold case items are visually stunning makes it so customers can’t help but take some home!

Interested individuals should possess at least 1 year baking/pastry experience, have at least 1 year in a professional kitchen environment and have a PASSION for all things sweet & delectable. The ability to work with a wide-range of ingredients is a plus along with experience with gluten-free and vegan products. Consistency is KEY along with the ability to follow recipes to ensure that our guests get the same great product each and every time. Finally, you MUST enjoy waking up before the sun rises; being a morning person is essential. We offer excellent benefits, a fun and energetic work environment, and there is always the potential to learn and grow with us. We are looking for individuals who can make a long-term commitment.

This is a full-time, 40 hour position with the following schedule: Wednesday-Sunday 5:00am-1:00pm

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Team Lead (Full-Time)


We rely on our Management Team for a multitude of things and when Managers are done with their shifts, we then rely on our Team Leads for many of the same things. When things are going right, the store is running exactly as it is when the department/store Managers are here; customer service standards are upheld, staff are guided to follow all rules and systems, the store is clean and orderly, Front End has support from other departments when necessary, Back of House is watched over….in other words, the Team Lead has the skills, strengths and eagle-eye perception to see what needs to be done and willingness to do whatever it takes to keep things on track!

With that being said, we are in search of our next TEAM LEAD – someone who will motivate & inspire all staff, lead by example, provide genuine, above & beyond customer service and be the “go to” person when managers are off duty!

An excellent TL has the respect of the staff members; they know who this person is, what his or her responsibilities include, and that this person’s word is the law when he or she is at work. To achieve this, TLs spend time with Managers so that they understand how each department works and when on duty allows time to visit staff all over the store so that everyone knows who’s in charge. Our TLs handle all pressing conflicts/issues with staff and guests in an appropriate and professional manner, and then communicates all issues to the appropriate Manager. Communication is very important and the TL regularly communicates with the management team (nightly!) and managers know they can count on the TL to keep them well-informed. Our TL’s also oversee store security and staff safety; our TLs understand and are knowledgeable on HL’s Standard Operating Procedures and can take the lead in any emergency situation (power outages, equipment breakdowns, medical emergencies, disorderly conduct, etc.). There are a lot of moving parts and pieces to the store and TL’s are able to handle it all in a calm, supportive and positive way!

Our ideal TL has at least 1 year of customer service experience, preferably in a retail/grocery environment and has previous experience supervising and/or in a leadership role.

This is a full time, 32 hour position with the following schedule:
Thursday & Friday 2:00pm-10:00pm, Saturday & Sunday 2:00pm-10:00pm

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Sandwich/Salads (Full-Time)


What’s better than a giant, crusty sandwich? I mean, really…you just can’t go wrong with bread, cheese and a meaty substance. If you have this very same philosophy – this might be the perfect job for you! We are searching for a passionate, sandwich lovin’ individual to fulfill our Sandwich Maker role! This individual will be responsible for the preparation of delectable sandwiches that range from eclectic to classic that include vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and meat-loving options.

The excellent sandwich maker will pay extreme attention to the quality and freshness of every slice of meat, tofu, cheese and veggie; every smear of mayo, mustard and veganaise that graces the presence of the bread, wrap or gluten-free bread. This individual will fill each order efficiently and with deliberate attention to time, all while maintain each sandwiches’ individual greatness. The most excellent sandwich maker is a team player and ALWAYS communicates his/her needs to the supervisor, Sous Chef and Executive Chef.

This position requires a self-starter with strong knife skills and past kitchen experience. Interested individuals must have the proven ability to follow recipes as our delicious sandwiches are unique and inspired! This is a great opportunity to learn about various cuisines and our wide selection of vegan, vegetarian and gluten free dishes. Additionally, this position offers variety as well as room for advancement within our growing company.

We are currently hiring for the following schedule:
Monday-Thursday 2:30pm-9:30pm and Sunday 2:30pm-9:30pm

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Managing Sous Chef (Full-Time)


Our Café has become one of the largest and most productive departments at HL. House made products are what sets us apart from other stores. The products we make can’t be found anywhere else, making them unique items that guests return to us for over and over. It is of the utmost importance that our Café products, the functionality of our amazing café, and the happiness of our cooks and café staff are at their highest level. That is where the Managing Sous Chef comes in!

The Managing Sous Chef is the Executive Chef’s “right hand (wo)man.” The Managing Sous Chef expertly executes all the systems that the Executive Chef has put in place and effectively leads the café team when the Executive Chef is away. The Managing Sous Chef is a master of organization and efficiency, keeping the café running smoothly at all times. The Managing Sous Chef ALWAYS uses the systems put in place by the Executive Chef, never deviating from them, but always bringing attention to things that need to be fixed or improved upon. The Managing Sous Chef understands how the Executive Chef thinks and operates and can confidently make decisions about crucial café matters. At the same time the Managing Sous Chef knows when to ask for help, and is never too proud or too scared to let the Executive Chef know when it is time to step in.

The excellent Managing Sous Chef is respected by his/her team members. The Managing Sous Chef is seen as a leader, a teacher and an example of how to conduct ones self in the café. Staff craves the opportunity to learn from the Managing Sous Chef, and the Managing Sous Chef generously gives his/her time to helping each team member learn new skills and improve upon old ones. The Managing Sous Chef is a great communicator in every direction. The Managing Sous Chef is a resource to his/her staff, and has an open door policy where all staff feel welcome to voice their concerns and seek solutions to their problems. The Managing Sous Chef is calm, upbeat, focused, friendly, and always “real.” The Managing Sous Chef checks in regularly with the Executive Chef. The Managing Sous Chef checks in regularly with his/her supervisors; delegating tasks as needed and receiving feedback gracefully.

We are looking for someone with at least 2 years management/strong supervisor experience, preferably in a professional kitchen or restaurant environment, and 5 years of professional kitchen experience. The ideal candidate will have a thorough and proven knowledge of local, state and federal Health Department standards for both health and sanitation, organizational skills, and the ability to multi-task in a fast-paced environment. We are looking for a team player who is able to lead by example, is approachable and is able to communicate and work effectively with others and has creativity and a passion for food!

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Wine & Beer Associate (Part-Time)


Does enjoying a gourmet meal without the perfect complementary glass of wine just seem tragic to you? Do you know just the right beer to go with all those game day snacks? If so, then keep reading! We are currently searching for our next enthusiastic Wine & Beer Assistant to help make this beautiful department famous in the surrounding community.

The Healthy Living Wine & Beer Department offers a wide ranging mix of wines & beers, smart pairing advice, beautiful merchandising, and excellent guest service. The Department offers in-house tastings, wine related events, and classes in the Learning Center. The service and hospitality provided in the department will be knowledgeable, flexible and always available. The Assistant plays an important role in making all this happen.

The Assistant is responsible for receiving product orders, ensuring the department is stocked and merchandised effectively and providing knowledgeable and superior service to our guests during the selection process. It is the service and hospitality provided to our guests that sets us apart! The excellent Assistant is a vital part of the Wine & Beer Department, sharing responsibilities with the Manager, taking impeccable care of our guests, and gaining knowledge every day! The Assistant will attend out-of-store tastings with the Manager, getting a sense of our distributors, new offerings, and the way excellent tastings are set up and conducted. In this way, the Assistant will learn to run similar in-house tastings, offering guests a variety of new wines to taste. The Assistant will also be comfortable guiding guests through the selection process and making suggestions based on guests tastes and interests.

The ideal candidate for this position will have at least one year of experience in retail, and one year of experience with domestic and international beers and wines. We need someone who is able to self-manage, is a team player, and will go above and beyond to satisfy the guests needs. It is important that his individual has a true passion for learning more about wine and beer!

This is a part-time, 22 hour/week position with the following schedule: Wednesday 2:00pm-9:00pm, Friday 1:00pm-9:00pm and Saturday 2:00pm-9:00pm

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Cashier (Full-Time)


We are seeking energetic and motivated team players to work in our busy Front End as a Cashier. The Front End at Healthy Living is the “final experience” for our guests and is built around strong, professional and friendly customer service. We work hard to ensure that our guests leave feeling wonderful about the time spent with us and need staff who genuinely love to go the extra mile!

The cashier position is primarily cashiering but also includes; answering guests questions, resolving guest issues and maintaining a clean, organized work station. Past customer service and cash handling experience is required.

We are currently hiring for the following schedules:

32 hours- Monday and Thursday 2pm-10pm Friday and Saturday 10am-6pm

This position offers room for advancement as we are always looking to grow our staff from within!

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FOH Baristas (part-time)


Do you love the aroma of a freshly brewed pot of coffee? Are you or do you aspire to be an excellent latte artist? Does the thought of pressing beautiful organic produce into a bright and delicious juice make your mouth water? Do you have a passion to learn more about the world of coffee and juice? If you answered yes, then come join the amazing staff at our Coffee/Juice Bar.

We are seeking a guest-focused individual to assist in our FOH Cafe area. This particular opportunity will allow you to work within our espresso/juice/smoothie bar, making healthy & delicious smoothies, fresh juices, and espresso-based drinks. Responsibilities will also include: running the cash registers in various sections of the cafe, taking sandwich orders, using our Panini grill, answering guest inquiries regarding ingredients and products, stocking, day-to-day maintenance, and cleaning. Cafe/Barista experience is strongly preferred.

We are currently offering a position with the following schedule:

24 hours: Monday 7:30am-3:30pm, Saturday & Sunday 7:30am-3:30pm

We are looking for a team player who can provide a long-term commitment. Immediately availability is a must.

Come join a vibrant team whose mission each day is to make our guests happy and provide them a welcoming space so they may enjoy all our cafe has to offer!

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