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Front End Lead (Full-Time)

This person is the ultimate role model and leader for how things should be done on the Front End.  The Lead fills in for and supports the role of the Front End Manager in his/her absence and is our Front End Manager’s right hand man/woman on the Front End.  The FEL demonstrates organization, poise, true hospitality and dedication to assisting with training Front End Staff (cashiers and FES’), as well as the ability to wear several different hats and do skillful juggling of the many tasks necessary to excel in this position.  It takes a calm, organized and dedicated person to create excellence in this realm!

You’ll know you’ve achieved excellence as the FEL because the Front End will run seamlessly and will operate no differently than when the FE Manager is there.  Which means: a clear list of tasks will be effectively delegated and completed, the Front End area will be sparkling and easily accessed by

Guests, and Managers throughout the store will be familiar with you and have an easy time relaying any news or needs regarding their Departments to you so that the entire store will run smoothly while you’re on duty.  This is no small feat; you have a lot of responsibility on your plate that you will handle with skill!

We are looking for someone with at least 1 year of customer service, 1 year as a Front End Supervisor or equivalent leadership experience and will be experienced in cash handling and using a POS system.  The ideal candidate will be familiar with natural foods/grocery industry, have strong leadership skills, high energy, an ability to work in a demanding, fast-paced environment, and the ability to remain calm under stressful situations.  We are looking for a team-player, someone who acts as a role model and can lead by example, and someone who truly cares about our staff and guests and will go the extra mile to ensure that professional guest service and sensitivity is extended to guest’s and co-workers.

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Facilities Coordinator (Full Time)

Do you have an eye for detail, do you see the “little things” before they become big problems?  Are you able to problem solve, repair or troubleshoot maintenance issues.   If this describes you, they you may be our next Facilities Coordinator!

The Facilities Coordinator will assist the Facilities Manager and General Manager to maintain the efficient and smooth operation of Healthy Living’s building to include the maintenance of the outside/inside physical space and equipment.  The  Facility Maintenance Coordinator will perform general customer service, equipment maintenance, store cleaning tasks, store supply organization and assist with special projects and other tasks as needed.

The day-to-day task list will include any and everything it takes to create that sparkling environment that both customers and staff love.  Constantly observing the condition of the store, this position will be proactive and meticulous in ensuring that the store maintains a sparkling clean appearance both inside and outside.  The Facilities Coordinator will ensure that daily department needs are met (lighting, mats, equipment, etc.) and that store supplies are always stocked and maintained at the necessary level so that we are never without.  Flexibility is key because needs are constantly changing, equipment needing attention, staff requiring reminders and help.

We are searching for someone who can maintain high standards, prioritize tasks, maintain our store’s appearance, do minor repairs of equipment, and meet the ever changing needs of a wonderful store.  We are looking for someone who has a general knowledge of hand and power tools, and basic understanding of mechanical systems to work full time on our team.  Monday – Friday with occasional weekend or evening hours

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Wine and Beer Associate (Full-Time/Part-Time)

We are currently searching for our next enthusiastic Wine & Beer Associate to help make this beautiful department famous in the surrounding community.

The Healthy Living Wine & Beer Department offers a wide ranging mix of wines & beers, smart pairing advice, beautiful merchandising, and excellent guest service.  The Department offers in-house tastings, wine related events, and classes in the Learning Center.  The Associate is responsible for receiving product orders, ensuring the department is stocked and merchandised effectively and providing knowledgeable and superior service to our guests during the selection process.  It is the service and hospitality provided to our guests that sets us apart!

The Associate is a vital part of the Wine & Beer Department, sharing responsibilities with the Manager, taking impeccable care of our guests, and gaining knowledge every day!   In this way, the Associate will learn to run similar in-house tastings, offering guests a variety of new wines to taste.  The Associate will also be comfortable guiding guests through the selection process and making suggestions based on guests tastes and interests.

Open availability.

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Meat Cutter (Full-Time)

We take a lot of pride in our Meat & Fish Department as it is truly like none other. We are working with local meat and poultry that is sourced from farms we know and trust.  Our Meat Cutters understand the importance of what our Meat & Fish Department is striving for and takes great pride in the work that they do.  Guests will be promptly and genuinely cared for when they approach the Meat Counter and will be met by passionate and knowledgeable Cutters who if they do not know the answer will do everything in their power to get the customer what s/he wants or needs.

Our Meat Cutters are responsible for ensuring the meat & fish cases are well-stocked with fresh, high-quality meat, poultry and fish products; they receive, stock, grind, wrap, weigh, price and attractively merchandise all meat & fish department products. Our Meat Cutters will know the finer art of cutting meat and the proper techniques for producing quality cuts of meat & fish that are as close to perfect as possible and creating delicious house made products. They ensure proper inventory control and product rotation to maximize product freshness and availability, while minimizing waste.

We are looking for individuals with at least 1 year of professional kitchen experience. Strong knife and wrapping skills are a must. Experience in a meat & seafood retail environment is preferred and previous butchering experience (whole animal breakdown) is highly desirable. It will be important to have a basic understanding of and/or familiarity with meat cuts and cooking techniques.

Open availability, weekends are a must.

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Salad Prep Cook (Full-Time)

Our Café team members in the Sandwich/Salad Station prep and prepare a range of culinary delights from eclectic to classic that include vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and meat-loving options. These items are part of our sandwich station (signature options and made-to-order) and salad station.

The Salad prep cook takes great pride in the salad bar, one of our café’s most heavily trafficked self-serve areas. The Salad prep cook always makes sure that the salad bar is abundant, spotless, labeled with correct signage and is full stocked with only the freshest ingredients.

Interested individuals should possess at least 1 year of professional kitchen experience and a “team player” attitude.  He or she should bring a positive attitude to the kitchen on a daily basis and infuse that energy into the food and into the HL community experience.

This is a full time position with the following schedule: Monday-Friday 8:00AM-2:30PM.

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Pastry Baker (Part-Time)

If you like to have your cake and MAKE it too. . .then keep reading! We are currently searching for our next amazing Pastry Baker in our bakeshop where our exceptional pastries and baked goods are adored by all.

The Pastry Baker is the keystone of the bakeshop operation. The Pastry Baker takes the utmost care in the creation of his/her pastries, meticulously preparing each tart, cake, cupcake, custard and all other delectable dessert items for the cold case as if it were for his/her own special occasion. The Pastry Baker ensures that product is prepped and ready for the AM Baker so that she/he can add the finishing touches to make the product dazzle for the eye of the beholder — our guests! He/she brings a beaming, bright and positive attitude to the kitchen on a daily basis and infuses that energy into the people around him/her and into the entire HL community, even in the wee hours of the morning!

Our Pastry Baker assists with necessary prep and products that are needed to fill the grab and go case and the rack of non-refrigerated items such as tart boxes, crisps, bread puddings, puddings, quick breads, coffee cakes, pies, and other items as necessary/directed to include gluten-free and vegan products.

Interested individuals should possess at least 1 year baking/pastry experience, have at least 1 year in a professional kitchen environment and have a PASSION for all things sweet & delectable. The ability to work with a wide-range of ingredients is a plus along with experience with gluten-free and vegan products. Consistency is KEY along with the ability to follow recipes to ensure that our guests get the same great product each and every time.

This is a part time, 20 hour/week position

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