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Divine Wines Associate (full-time)

Does enjoying a gourmet meal without the perfect complementary glass of wine just seem tragic to you? Do you know just the right beer to go with all those game day snacks? If so, then keep reading! We are currently searching for our next enthusiastic Wine & Beer Assistant to help make this beautiful department famous in the surrounding community.

The Healthy Living Wine & Beer Department offers a wide ranging mix of wines & beers, smart pairing advice, beautiful merchandising, and excellent guest service.  The Department offers in-house tastings, wine related events, and classes in the Learning Center.  The service and hospitality provided in the department will be knowledgeable, flexible and always available.  The Assistant plays an important role in making all this happen.
The Assistant is responsible for receiving product orders, ensuring the department is stocked and merchandised effectively and providing knowledgeable and superior service to our guests during the selection process.  It is the service and hospitality provided to our guests that sets us apart!  The excellent Assistant is a vital part of the Wine & Beer Department, sharing responsibilities with the Manager, taking impeccable care of our guests, and gaining knowledge every day!  The Assistant will attend out-of-store tastings with the Manager, getting a sense of our distributors, new offerings, and the way excellent tastings are set up and conducted.  In this way, the Assistant will learn to run similar in-house tastings, offering guests a variety of new wines to taste.  The Assistant will also be comfortable guiding guests through the selection process and making suggestions based on guests tastes and interests.
The ideal candidate for this position will have at least one year of experience in retail, and one year of experience with domestic and international beers and wines.  We need someone who is able to self-manage, is a team player, and will go above and beyond to satisfy the guests needs.  It is important that his individual has a true passion for learning more about wine and beer!

This position offers a consistent, full-time, 32-40 hour/week schedule:
Yet to be determined but will include evenings and weekends

If interested in this opportunity, please submit a cover letter & resume to:

HR Coordinator (full-time)

We are currently seeking a Human Resources Coordinator to join our HR team! The Coordinator at the store level will work in partnership with the HR team that is located in Vermont to provide support to our Saratoga Springs location in a variety of HR functions. We are looking for someone who shares our values and works under the mission of making HL a “fun, vibrant and great place to work”. The position will be responsible for performing a variety of administrative and professional HR activities to support the store location in employment, recruiting, benefits, staff appreciation, and legal compliance, along with assisting in the implementation of HR policies, programs and procedures. All important day to day HR functions are handled with the utmost accuracy, meticulous organization and attention to detail. Even the most mundane tasks are completed with a spirit and energy that can be felt throughout the entire store. The HR Coordinator has excellent computer skills, is creative, business savvy, and has a desire to be continuously learning. This position needs someone who is able to remain neutral, and understands the obligation of always maintaining confidentiality. Finally, this position must LOVE people as you will be continuously assisting in hiring new staff as well as providing support to all staff for a variety of HR-related matters.
This job requires focus, an ability to work independently, meticulous attention to detail and strong organizational skills. We are looking for a self-starter with at least 1 year of experience working in the field of Human Resources. This is a great opportunity for someone who is interested in learning more about the world of Human Resources.

This position will be 40 hours per week. The typical days will be Monday — Friday during “normal business hours”; however, occasional evenings and/or weekend days may be needed.

If the following describes you: kind, approachable, compassionate, energetic, spirited, resourceful, meticulous, and can maintain a smile and sense of humor even during the most challenging of days then we hope you will apply for this opportunity!

If interested in this opportunity, please submit a cover letter & resume to:

Barista (full-time)

Do you love the aroma of a freshly brewed pot of coffee?  Are you or do you aspire to be an excellent latte artist?  Does the thought of pressing beautiful organic produce into a bright and delicious juice make your mouth water?  Do you have a passion to learn more about the world of coffee and juice?  If you answered yes, then come join the amazing staff at our Coffee/Juice Bar.

We are seeking a customer-focused individual to assist in our FOH Cafe area. This particular opportunity will allow you to work within our espresso/juice/smoothie bar, making healthy & delicious smoothies, fresh juices, and espresso-based drinks. Responsibilities will also include: running the cash registers, answering customer inquiries regarding ingredients and products, stocking, day-to-day maintenance, and cleaning.  Cafe/Barista experience is strongly preferred.

We currently have two FT positions available:
1. Monday 1:30pm-9:30pm, Thursday-Saturday 3pm-9:30pm, Sunday 1:30pm-9:30pm
2. Monday 1:30-9:30, Thursday- Friday 10:00am – 6:00pm, Saturday 9:00am- 5:00pm, Sunday 10:00am- 6:00pm

We are looking for a team player who can provide a long-term commitment. Immediately availability is a must.

Come join a vibrant team whose mission each day is to make our guests happy and provide them a welcoming space so they may enjoy all our cafe has to offer!

If interested in this opportunity, please submit a cover letter & resume to:

Dishwasher (full-time)

Anyone who has ever worked in a kitchen knows that the dishwasher is the backbone of the operation. Without a dishwasher, other staff members cannot do their jobs and guests cannot enjoy the wonderful & tasty creations coming from our kitchen. So it may be safe to say that the dishwasher is the kitchen’s MOST valuable team member and we are currently searching for someone who can fulfill this sacred duty!!

This individual will know that sanitation in the kitchen is VITAL and will work hard every day to maintain dishes that are clean, spotless and immaculate. The excellent dishwasher will understand safety and follow standards set by the NYS Department of Health. The excellent dishwasher will also ensure that there is always an ample supply of clean dishes for every area of the kitchen. The most excellent dishwasher will bring a beaming, bright and positive attitude to the kitchen on a daily basis and infuse that energy into the people around. We are looking for someone who is reliable, punctual and an energetic team player; someone who will go the extra miles for customers and co-workers.

We offer excellent benefits, a fun and energetic work environment, and there is always the potential to learn and grow with us. We are looking for individuals who can make a long-term commitment. Come join a talented team that uses the best of what’s fresh, local and often organic to create delicious dishes. We’ve become famous for our eclectic mix of ethnic foods, vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options.

This is a full-time, 40 hour position with the following schedule:

Tuesday- Saturday 1:30pm-9:30pm


We are currently only hiring individuals with the intent of fulfilling a long-term commitment!

If interested in this opportunity, please submit a cover letter & resume to:

Meat & Seafood Associate (part-time)

Interested in working with the freshest seafood and the finest local meats and poultry upstate NY has to offer?

We take a lot of pride in our Meat & Seafood Department as it is truly like none other. We are working with local meat and poultry that is sourced from farms we know and trust. Likewise, our seafood is sourced for its exceptional quality and sustainability. Meat & Seafood Counter staff takes great pride in the work that they do, ensuring that our quality cuts of meat and delicious house made products are attractively merchandised and that our shelve are always abundantly stocked, clean and organized. We want to ensure the highest quality product is available for our guests, and our Meat & Seafood Counter staff ensures that product is always rotated, labeled and weighed properly always keeping all the finer details in mind. There is always a willingness to learn and be knowledgeable about the product so that this information can be shared with our guests. The excellent Meat & Seafood Counter staff member is fully aware of his/her surroundings and provides guests their full and immediate attention. Guests will be promptly and genuinely cared for when they approach the Meat &

Seafood Counter and will be met by a passionate and knowledgeable staff member. Working CLEAN will be of paramount importance with Health Department standards always being kept in mind. A great attention to detail will be taken in all aspects of the job and it will be apparent to both the Manager, the Guests, and the Owners.

You must love helping customers, as a big part of our day is invested in interacting with customers and providing exceptional service. You will be the face of the department and be required to educate guests on our local meats, answer recipe questions and provide cooking tips to guests. Previous kitchen/customer service experience is preferred. Individuals should also have a proven ability to work independently.

This position is part-time with the following schedule: Saturday & Sunday 1pm-9pm 

We are currently only hiring individuals with the intent of fulfilling a long-term commitment!

If interested in this opportunity, please submit a cover letter & resume to:

 Sandwich/Salad Prep Cook  (2-full-time)

The Prep Cook/Sandwich/Salad Maker pays close attention to the quality and freshness of every slice of meat, tofu, cheese, and veggie; every smear of mayo, mustard and veganaise that graces the presence of the bread, wrap or gluten-free bread. Every sandwich will be made not only tasty, but beautiful and neatly arranged on the plate or in the box. The excellent Prep Cook/Sandwich/Salad Maker also knows that our guests cannot wait a decade for greatness, so he/she will always work quickly and fill each order efficiently and with deliberate attention to time, all while maintaining each sandwich’s individual greatness. The excellent Prep Cook/Sandwich/Salad Maker also takes great pride in the salad bar, one of our café’s most heavily trafficked self-serve areas. Finally, this individual will be a team player who always communicates his/her needs to the Back of House Manager and Executive Chef.  He/she will bring a beaming and bright attitude to the kitchen on a daily basis and infuses that energy into the food and into the HL community.  Excellence in this position is achieved when every sandwich is created with care, as if the Prep Cook/Sandwich Maker were making it for him/herself!

To break it down: in this particular sandwich role, the right individual will be responsible for making deli sandwiches to order, prepping for the sandwich station and salad bar, and for the production of packaged salads and deli sandwiches. In the prep cook role, this position will require strong knife skills and past kitchen experience. This position offers a great opportunity to learn about various cuisines and our wide selection of vegan, vegetarian and gluten free dishes. Additionally, this position offers room for advancement with our growing company.

Want to know a few key reasons working in the Healthy Living Cafe is unlike a lot of other kitchen or cafe jobs?  For one, the hours are awesome.  Instead of a more traditional kitchen where shifts start around 4 and go until midnight or later, Healthy Living shifts are daytime shifts, allowing people a healthy night’s sleep, and time to do something after work.  Work-life balance is an important core value for us, and you’ll feel it working in our Cafe, for great Managers and an Executive Chef who really understand the industry and how to treat people the right way

We currently have two  full-time position with the following schedules:

  1. Monday & Tuesday 7:45am-3:45pm, Friday & Saturday 1:30pm-9:30pm, Sunday 8:15am-3:45pm.
  2. Monday-Friday 8:00am-2:30pm

If interested in this opportunity, please submit a cover letter & resume to: