Employment in Vermont


At Healthy Living we really believe that serving people… our guests, our staff, our truck drivers, our vendors, our cleaning crew… brings us true joy and makes everything else we do better. Yes, we want to provide the community we love with the best food. Yes, we want to maintain high standards in choosing the organic, natural and local foods we sell. True, we believe it is important to sell only the finest supplements and body care products. BUT our first and foremost reason for being here is to serve our team members with respect and care, our guests with memorable experiences, our community through our outreach program, and everyone else who participates in our business. Questions? Email HR at: HR@healthylivingmarket.com.


Our guests

Customer service is the very first thing we put our minds to here at Healthy Living. We want to give every customer the best in natural foods at excellent prices with welcoming service. We serve with a willingness that shows our caring and our dedication.

Our staff

As the years have gone by, we realize more and more the awesome opportunity we have in employing over 150 people. This is our greatest joy: creating a community of bright, motivated workers who enjoy serving each other, our vendors and our guests.

Our community

We feel it’s important to give back to the community that has ensured our success. Our giving program is devoted to helping our community’s non-profit groups that have small budgets and big hearts.

Our bottom line

Yes, we are dedicated to making a profit competitive with our peers in the natural foods industry. Profits are necessary for responsible change and expansion.

Each other

For almost 20 years we’ve prided ourselves on a workplace that includes a deep commitment to each other. In our own little corner of the world, we are creating a community in the hope that it will affect the larger community around us. The ripple effect starts here at HL!