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Being mindful of what we put on our bodies is as important as being mindful of what we put into our bodies. Healthy Living’s Body Care Department is here to help you feel beautiful, inside and out. With a hand-picked selection of the finest natural and organic products, you are sure to find clean, pure products we’ve researched and tried over the years. From natural sun care and bug repellent to fine cosmetic lines, hair and skin care, essential oils, and dental care, we have all the high quality, natural body care products you desire. We are also proud to carry an abundant selection of Vermont-made products. Come visit the Body Care Department to pamper and nourish your body from head-to-toe!

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Vendor Spotlight: Flourish Natural Body Care

By Erin McGuire  •  Wednesday, February 17th, 2016

Kirsten Connor, Founder and Formulator at Flourish Natural Body Care, has one of those success stories that we just love. Starting as an energetic and passionate DIY mom who wanted to figure out how to make from-scratch body care for her family (because products we all use everyday can’t really be that complicated…right?), she tackled the projects one by one. In her own Vermont home-turned-body care laboratory, she dived into extensive trial & error, beginning with the “simple” stuff- like balms and bar soaps- and then mastering homemade lotions and crèmes. Hair care, especially shampoos, were the last (and most surprisingly complex) puzzle to figure out but figure them out she did. This dedicated passion and persistence for clean and natural body care ultimately led to an incredibly successful line of products: Flourish Natural Body Care.

Committed to enhancing and promoting self care, Flourish body and hair care products are created using organic ingredients, locally-sourced ingredients whenever possible and fair trade when not (’cause we can’t grow coconuts for coconut oil in Vermont!), attention to aromatherapy, and are guaranteed free of:

-artificial fragrance and colors

We love that. We also love how they have recently reformulated their popular line of products to pair local herbs with their beloved signature scents. So in addition to all of their already-wonderful qualities, they’re infused with local herbs too. Could it get any better?

Make sure to check out Flourish Natural Body Care products in our Wellness Department during your next visit! Breathe in the scents and savor the textures of these beautiful artisanal handmade hair and body care products.

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