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Want to know who’s raising your meat? The Healthy Living Meat Department has made long-lasting connections with farmers who we’ve come to know personally. We offer local, organic, humanely raised, antibiotic and hormone-free options for beef, poultry, pork, lamb and more. We purchase whole animals from local farms and butcher them in-house, which makes for a superb cut, zero waste of the animal, and is good for the farmer’s bottom line. Our talented in-house butchers source the best specialty meats and create a plethora of unique charcuterie — from sausage to pâté and everything in between. Our team can fill any special order you may have in mind.

As for seafood, we’re proud to partner with Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch Program to help spread awareness of seafood sustainability by offering delicious seafood options that are healthy for you and the environment. We also work closely with the suppliers who purchase our seafood direct from the docks as soon as boats anchor, ensuring Healthy Living customers get the freshest fish available!

We think you’ll agree that our Meat and Seafood Department is amazing — it’s a testament to knowledge, experience, and a deep commitment to supporting local farmers and small suppliers who have a serious passion for their art!

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By Jackie Cooper  •  Monday, November 10th, 2014

Why Order a Locally-Grown Turkey?


– support family farms and farmers
– keep VT green and beautiful
– keep the money in VT
– eat the freshest, most delicious turkey money can buy!


Pre-Ordering Turkeys

  • We are proud to offer all of our birds at the great pre-order price of $3.19/lb. In store price after 11/21 is $4.49/lb.
  • Last day for pre-orders is Friday, Nov. 21 at 9:00 PM
  • You can place your order any time online, at our Guest Services Desk or by calling 802.863.2569 ext 0
  • A $10 deposit is required to hold your order. The balance will be due upon pick up of your turkey.
  • Turkeys are available to pick up at Healthy Living on Tuesday, November 25th and Wednesday, November 26th from 8:00 AM – 9:00 PM. Please come to the turkey pick up table in our entryway to claim your beautiful bird!
  • Turkeys are living, breathing animals and our farmers cannot always control how big or small they get. For this reason we cannot guarantee sizes on birds, but we do our very best to always get you a turkey within the weight range that you request.
  • All our turkeys are processed only days before the holiday – they are fresh and never frozen.
  • Certified Organic Birds available by special order only at $5.99/lb. To request an organic bird please call 802.863.2569 ext 0.



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