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Want to know who’s raising your meat? The Healthy Living Meat Department has made long-lasting connections with farmers who we’ve come to know personally. We offer local, organic, humanely raised, antibiotic and hormone-free options for beef, poultry, pork, lamb and more. We purchase whole animals from local farms and butcher them in-house, which makes for a superb cut, zero waste of the animal, and is good for the farmer’s bottom line. Our talented in-house butchers source the best specialty meats and create a plethora of unique charcuterie — from sausage to pâté and everything in between. Our team can fill any special order you may have in mind.

As for seafood, we’re proud to partner with Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch Program to help spread awareness of seafood sustainability by offering delicious seafood options that are healthy for you and the environment. We also work closely with the suppliers who purchase our seafood direct from the docks as soon as boats anchor, ensuring Healthy Living customers get the freshest fish available!

We think you’ll agree that our Meat and Seafood Department is amazing — it’s a testament to knowledge, experience, and a deep commitment to supporting local farmers and small suppliers who have a serious passion for their art!

Department News

Guild Commissary Visit

By Jackie Cooper  •  Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

Last week, our Meat Department Manager Colin, arranged for staff members to embark on a trip to the Guild Commissary. We are very fortunate to carry a variety of Guild Fine Meats in our Meat Department; from premium deli meats to fresh sausages and specialty items. At the Guild Commissary Master Butchers Frank Pace and Chef Tom Deckman break down whole animals (beef and pork) with the help of their talented team. It really doesn’t get any fresher or more local. This state-of-the art, Vermont inspected meat processing facility is located right down the street from our store in Winooski, VT. The team uses time honored techniques of meat preservation and butchery to ensure consistency and quality so that they can present the farmers’ products in the best possible light. We were fortune to have Tom himself give us the tour around and here is some of what we saw:




Some of our Healthy Living Staff Members with Tom on the far right.


Showing us some of the the different attachments used on the meat grinder.


Another shot of the meat grinder.


The group with Tom, in the smoking room, the smell was amazing!


The smokers themselves…. in action!


Tom showed us what smelt so wonderful, Breakfast Sausage was being smoked while we were in the room.



Packaged boxes of delicious meat, ready to be delivered to local businesses.

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