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Walk into Healthy Living and the first thing you’ll see is our gorgeous Produce Department, a wild and wonderful world of the freshest, highest-quality fruits and veggies you’ll find anywhere! We buy direct from our beloved local farms throughout the year, so our produce is about as fresh as if you’d picked it yourself. We’ve been working with local farmers for over 20 years and love doing business with this amazing community of hard-working people, who form the backbone of Vermont. We have a plethora of local and organic options, produce from ecologically grown and wild-crafted sources, and the cleanest conventional alternatives at the best prices. From local greens and snap peas, to seasonal apples and berries, we have everything a great Produce Department needs, plus a few fun, seasonal surprises! Not sure what celeriac is? Wanna know the best way to prepare morels? Just ask our produce staff – they’re always there to help!

Department News

Welcome Spring into your Home ♡

By Jackie Cooper  •  Thursday, March 20th, 2014

Though the weather outside tells a different story, signs of spring are beginning to poke up in our plants and flowers department. Anyone passing through the Front End this week will be greeted with a fabulous display of cut flowers, including daffodils that open by the hour and unbelievably fragrant hyacinths. I brought some home the other day and not only are they still fresh and continuing to open, my house has never smelled better!


Even better than these ephemeral blooms are the lush offerings and elegant containers on our plants bench in the Produce Department. A glance at the table evokes a woodland environment, with ferns, mini pussy willow trees, baby’s tears, and ivy bedecking its shelves. For a real statement, take home one of our glossy-leaved three-foot ficus trees to completely transform a space.

Interspersed with these verdant potted offerings are blossoming daffodils, budding hyacinths, colorful hydrangeas, and delicate muscari. Lighten up your rooms with these beauties until it’s time to plant them outdoors! We also have exquisite mini-orchids in ceramic pots offering a dramatic face-lift to your interior surfaces. Get them while they last.


As colorful as these flowers are, they are rivaled by the boldly saturated yet simple designs of our new containers by Chive. A Toronto-based company, Chive specializes in vases that are “original, dynam­ic and committed to showcasing the very best in design inspired by nature.” These clean, fresh shapes and colors are the perfect complement to display your delicate spring stems.














I love the unique ceramic Pooley tubes, which remind me of a whimsical coral or sponge. Their colors are no exception, and we have several shades in stock! Wondering what to do with the couple of shy blossoms collected on your forest stroll? Can’t leave the garden’s first blooms outside? Give them a custom home in this fantastic piece and create an ever-changing landscape of flowers in your interior. We are also carrying the Palette egg mini-vases from Chive, perfect for a small cluster bouquet. Or for a full-size arrangement, take home an elegant glass vase in bright lilac, avocado and robin’s egg hues.

Back by popular demand, Chive’s charismatic gnomes are also gracing our shelves this spring. These jaunty fellows are just the right size to make a statement, and sleekly glazed in a beautiful warm cream color. Indoors or out, they are begging to hang out at your place!

With so many delightful objects and growing things to adorn your space, there’s no reason to let winter blues hang around. Find yourself a spring surprise today!


On a more edible note–We just received a big new display of sprouting seeds! That’s right, you can use these fresh blends to effortlessly sprout your own delicious shoots on your kitchen counter or windowsill. It’s astonishingly easy and these little guys are packed with nutrition. If you think this sounds like a great idea, stay tuned for an upcoming blog detailing the sprouting process.

Happy Vernal Equinox!

- Written by Produce Extraordinaire, Anna

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